Ιn possession with two asphalt plants, ERGON S.A. has a dominant position in the prefecture of Florina and Kozani. The  company’s introduction to the market as a reliable asphalt supplier and as a manufacturer of  asphalt pavements, is a result of the qualitative superiority of products, services and also the modern equipment available.

The company in 2009 invested in a new, ultramodern, high-capacity and environmentally friendly asphalt plant to the Municipal District of Vevi which belongs to the Municipality of Florina. The product capacity of the plant ammounts to 160 tonnes on an hourly basis. In asphalt plant  added new facility for cold asphalt production.

Respecting the environment is a key element  for the proper and efficient operation of our company.

The unit has in force approved environmental conditions under which has adapted the following equipment, for the company’s ultimate adjustment:

- Inert gas is used as fuel for drying the  aggregates. – It has a sophisticated dust extraction filter. -  A silo filler has been installed for the collection of the dust and has special tanks on tracks for removal. – The storage of finished products are fully covered. – The aggregate conveyors are fully covered with metal sheds in order to prevent the escape of dust. – The mechanical equipment and other mobile equipment are appropriate for transportation, stratification and compaction and also are ultramodern and environmentally friendly. – Circumferential the units, company carries out tree planting.