The asphalt is a mixture of asphalt materials, sand and gravel. The bitumen adhesive is used to form, fill in the gaps of the sand grains and bond it with the gravel just as cement is used with concrete. Choosing the right type of asphalt depends on the type of the asphaltic material, the location of the road and the climate conditions. Other ratios will be taken for mountain roads suffered by winter effects like snow or ice, and other for main land.

Also different composition of  asphalt carries for roads where the climate is hot or cold and for streets in the cities or the countryside.

ERGON S.A. is capable of producing and marketing all types of asphalt:

  • AC 12.5  SURF 50/70
  • AC 12.5 LEVELER  50/70
  • AC 20 BINDER 50/70
  • AC 31.5 BASE 50/70
  • Ready Cold Asphalt

Also we can produce special configurations according to specific project requirements and our customers.