High quality of products and services offered by ERGON S.A. to its clients, based on:

  • Modern production machinery (BENNINGHOVEN Asphalt Plant  made in Germany, accurate weighning of raw materials with load cells,  automated production and temperature control system SCADA etc.)
  • Modern mechanical equipment appropriate for transportation, paving and compaction of asphalt.
  • The specialized scientific and technical personnel.
  • Certified raw materials proper for asphalt production (bitumen, aggregates, chemical additives),with particular reference to the aggregates of the quarry company which are tested in accordance with the ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 13043 standard, ensuring excellent asphalt quality proven to meet the most demanding standards.
  • The modern equipped quality control laboratory of asphalt staffed with a civil engineer supervisor and laboratory staff. (The laboratory equipment is fully calibrated by the accredited certification body C3T).
  • The certified quality assurance system EN ISO 9001:2008 of asphalt from the Accredited Certification Body EUROCERT.
  • The indispensable to the client detailed log sheet for each shipment which indicates the exact composition used for the production batch and the production conditions ( temperature, humidity etc.).
  • Constant contact and client support throughout the duration of construction work.
  • Continuous training to machine operators and drivers not only in handling and safety, but also to optimal conditions for delivery of concrete to the project.
  • The preventive maintenance of production, transportation, paving and compaction equipment.
  • All deliveries are accompanied by weight lists showing the particulars of the gross and tare on the sales document.