Clients – Projects

The products produced by ERGON S.A. promoted on the market, have been described as “quality materials”, which explains why the company has implemented some of the major projects in Florina as:

  • Κάθετος άξονας Εγνατίας Οδού Κοζάνη-Φλώρινα-Νίκη, Τμήμα Φλώρινα-Νίκη από την Κ/ΞΙΑ ΑΚΤΩΡ Α.Ε-ΤΕΡΝΑ Α.Ε.-ΜΟΧΛΟΣ Α.Ε.
  • Wind Park Construction  to Vartountas Mountain of Florina by PRENECON S.A.
  • Precast manholes
  • Steam Electric Power Plant  to Meliti – Florina by the Public Power Corporation.
  • Papadia Damp for the cooling requirements of Meliti’s Steam Electric Station by the construction consortum       AKTOR – PANTEXNIKI.
  • Triantafyllia Damp, constructed for irrigation needs of Perasma Municipality.
  • Florina’s Biological treatment  by SIAKOS S.A.
  • City Hall of Meliti’s Municipality.
  • Maintenance of the existing railway line of Thessaloniki – Florina by TERNA S.A.
  • Road construction connecting M.D. of Akrita with the N.R. Florina – Pisoderi by PIRAMIS A.T.E.
  • Configuration of Florina’s entrance from Borders of Niki.
  • School Apprenticeship Employment Agency (O.A.E.D.).
  • Achlada Bridge, Palaistra Bridge, Sitaria Bridge e.t.c.