Mobile concrete plant

The purpose of this investment is to meet the needs of the company itself and also the requirements of other construction companies as well, in the production of high quality standard ready-mix concrete in remote areas, where the production of ready mixed concrete must be done on site. By the time of delivery and  the existence of raw materials, concrete production commences immediately, with an hourly production capacity of 80 m3 / h, without requiring any special preparation on site or special bases, etc.

Mobispa 2 is able to circulate in all European Union countries as the whole structure meets the necessary European Directives 27/97 EC, 98/12-ECE-R13 …

While desighning Mobispa2 desighners ensured that stability and safety were fully covered by the requirements of the standard DIN 15018 & complied with Directive 2006/42 CE.

The build quality is certified by ISO 9001.