ERGON S.A. plays a leading role in the field of quarry products in the area of Florina, offering raw materials like: Sand, Gravel, 3/A, limestone etc. which can be used for housing, infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers, water supply), construction works (dams, biological treatment, hospitals, schools) etc.

ERGON S.A. was introdused to the market and became accepted because of its high quality products and services offered to customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The company in 2005 invested in a modern, high capacity and environmentally friendly Quarry, had its head offices in the Municipal District of Vevi which belongs to the Municipality of Florina. The capacity of the aggregate processing plant, is 700 tons on an hourly basis.

Respecting the environment is a key element for the proper and efficient operation of our company. The unit has in place approved environmental conditions under which allocates the following equipment and tools for the ultimate adjustment:

- The Quarry Excavation is done in such a way that the site response can be fully restored and be brought to a natural balance.

- The storage of final products is fully covered to prevent dust escape.

- The aggregate conveyors are coated with metal canopies.

- The mechanical fructuring equipment and the mobile equipment is used for extraction, loading and transportation, is the most modern and environmentally friendly.

- Circumferential the units, company carries out tree planting.