Technical Projects

Ergon’s S.A. department of tecnical works took shape in 2000, holding first class degree for all categories of projects. Until then, the company manufactured parts or whole work projects as a subcontractor, in the region of Florina. Initially, constructed road works and expanded its activities in hydraulic works, construction, sewage, etc. in the prefecture of Florina and afterwards in the wider region of Western Macedonia.

Today the company is registered with the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works belonging to the third class for all categories of works and performs independently or in consortium, constructing public or private projects in all categories. The company has numerous modern machinery and skilled manpower that contribute to quality and rapid execution of projects such as Roads,  Hydraulic,  Construction,  Αsphalt,  Electromechanical, Industrial and Energy works.

ERGON S.A. is an emerging construction company run by experienced managers, which until now has focused on proper organization, excellent material and technical infrastructure, quality assurance of technical works, demonstrated by certified quality assurance system EN ISO 9001:2008 by the Accredited Certification Body EUROCERT.